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Adhurs Telugu Full Movie – Junior NTR, Nayantara, Sheela

Adhurs Telugu Full Movie – Junior NTR, Nayantara, Sheela

Chari (NTR) is a partner poojari to Bhattacharya (Brahmanandam) and performing poojas on religious exercises is their job. Considering wedding the wonderful Chandralekha (Nayanatara), who lost her father, Bhattacharya goes about as rescuer to her family however she adores Chari in the long run. On other hand, there is Narsinha or Narsi in short (NTR) who takes cash from criminals and hands over it to a cop (Shayaji Shinde) who guaranteed Narsi a post in police framework. Narsi additionally sentiments with this cop’s little girl (Sheela). As things advancing with comic scenes, all of a sudden it is uncovered that a Don (Mahesh Manjrekar) in Kolkota in vigilant for Narsi. Why this Don need Narsi and how Chari and Narsi, both offended twins, meet structures whatever is left of the film. telugu comic drama films, telugu parody motion pictures on the web, telugu motion pictures satire, parody motion pictures telugu, comic drama scenes in telugu, telugu comic drama scene, telugu drama youtube, telugu satire cuts, telugu film drama features, telugu motion picture tunes, telugu film download, telugu film downloads, telugu film melodies, telugu motion picture sound melodies, telugu film melodies on the web, new telugu motion picture melodies, telugu new film melodies, telugu film melodies verses, telugu motion picture feature tunes, telugu film download, telugu music features, telugu feature melodies, telugu full motion picture on the web, telugu film full, telugu full motion picture download, full film download free, telugu full length film, full length telugu film, telugu full motion pictures youtube

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