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Athadu telugu movie

Athadu telugu movie

Nandu (Mahesh Babu), a vagrant, is a first rate expert assassin nearby. He moves his operations with the assistance of his pal (Sonu Sood). In one such operation, he falls into the eyes of the cops. While escaping from the wrongdoing scene, he unintentionally turns into the reason for the passing of an outsider called Pardhoo (Rajiv Kanakala), a run-away adolescent who needs to return home following 12 years. Nandu accept the personality of Pardhoo and enters his family unit in a remote town to escape from the cops. Whatever remains of the story is about how Nandu takes care of every last one of issues. telugu parody films, telugu comic drama motion pictures on the web, telugu films satire, comic drama films telugu, comic drama scenes in telugu, telugu parody scene, telugu comic drama youtube, telugu comic drama cuts, telugu film drama features, telugu film melodies, telugu film download, telugu motion picture downloads, telugu film tunes, telugu film sound melodies, telugu motion picture tunes on the web, new telugu motion picture melodies, telugu new motion picture tunes, telugu motion picture tunes verses, telugu film feature melodies, telugu film download, telugu music features, telugu feature tunes, telugu full motion picture on the web, telugu film full, telugu full film download, full film download free, telugu full length film, full length telugu motion picture, telugu full films youtube

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