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Bandla Ganesh Thanks KCR

Producer-actor Bandla Ganesh is all thanks for Telangana Chief Minister who was the chief guest at the inauguration of 8th edition of Poultry India 2014, held on Wednesday at HITEX International Exhibition Centre. The exhibition opens from 2 Nov and lasts till 28 Nov, 2014.

Speaking on the sidelines of the event, Ganesh said, “Poultry is my mother industry. I’ve made it big into films only after the success in poultry. I thank CM KCR garu for inaugurating such exhibition. I wish we’ll get to have many more such exhibitions in days to come so that poultry farmers would benefit a lot. For the past two years, poultry farmers are going through difficult phase and only from the last two months, there is a slight change in the situation. We’re expecting that the situation will soon be better.”

Thanking all Telangana ministers, Ganesh said, “Telangana is one of the best states in India showcasing good growth in poultry. The poultry industry of Telangana is the largest and it’s the largest producer of eggs in India. Hope this continues in days to come as well.

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