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Chandrakala Movie Review

Chandrakala is the Telugu named variant of fruitful Tamil Horror Comedy Aranmanai. Hansika, Vinay, Sundar and Andrea assumed the lead parts in it.

What is it about?

Madhavi and Murali (Andrea and Vinay) visit their manor for one final time before they auction it. It is a spooky chateau and a large number of the detainees gets executed one after the other in a puzzling manner. Madhavi’s sibling and Lawyer Ravi (Sundar) tries to figure out the puzzle behind it. That is the means by which he thinks about Chandrakala (Hansika) a guiltless town young lady who was slaughtered in that very house. She was enamored with Murali before she kicked the bucket and Chandrakala needs to get again with him by owning the assortment of Madhavi.


Hansika has restricted screen time regardless of assuming the title part. She looked delightful in that town young lady clothing. We get to see an alternate Hansika who has basically done urbane characters till now. Andrea assumed the vital part in this film and she is great. She tried her hardest to force it off. Nonetheless we have seen better exhibitions from performing artists like Shobhana, Soundarya and Jyothika in comparative parts. Vinay of Vaana distinction played one of the male leads. He is constrained to tunes and few scenes. Sundar did okay. Lakshmi Rai doesn’t run unnoticed with her sizzling demonstration. Santhanam did his bit on the comic drama front. All others have contributed at whatever point required.

On the Technical Front:

C. Sundar’s old molded heading doesn’t energize much. He did well to keep things streaming in spite of age old story and screenplay. We expect an immersing film with such setting, however Chandrakala barely keeps you captivated. Screenplay is not noteworthy with very numerous buzzwords tossed into the account. Music by Bharathwaj is great in parts. There is not a lot to expound on the cinematography and altering. Dialogs are not great.


Chandrakala is a mixed drink of numerous movies that were made in this classification. Story and screenplay helps us to remember Chandramukhi and Nagavalli. Lamentably Chandrakala couldn’t match the principles of Chandramukhi. It is keeping pace with Nagavalli now and again. Marvelous champions and noted star cast helped this film to score in Tamil. It won’t appreciate comparative destiny in Telugu however.

We have seen better awfulness comedies like Prema Katha Chitram lately. Indeed Geetanjali featuring Anjali is far superior than this frightfulness satire that fizzles on numerous levels. Few terrifying minutes in the first half and enrapturing peak are the in addition to purposes of this film other than spectacular champions. The film crashes in the second half with a terrible flashback part that is straight out of eighties films.

Sundar tried valiant endeavors to draw things once more amid the peak, yet it is past the point of no return by then. Chandrakala needs curiosity and resembles a gravely made TV serial on occasion. There aren’t numerous excites in this unpleasantness film and the satire is excessively insipid for our tastes. This motion picture will neglect to startle even the six year olds. Presently you know what’s in store out of this blood and gore flick, isn’t that so?

Decision: Fails to Frighten!

Movie: Chandrakala
Cast: Hansika, Vinay, Sundar, Andrea, Lakshmi Rai and others
Directed by: C. Sundar
Produced by: Swetha, Teja
Banner: CK Entertainments
Music by: Bharathwaj
Release Date: 2014-12-19

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