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Dhenikaina Ready Telugu Full Length Comedy Movie- Manchu Vishnu , Hansika

Dhenikaina Ready Telugu Full Length Comedy Movie || Manchu Vishnu , Hansika

On the off chance that you have a longing for unoriginal, brainless comic drama then Vishnu Manchu’s ‘Denikaina Ready’ is not to be missed at any expense. From the chief of profoundly fruitful drama performers, for example, ‘Seema Shastry’ and ‘Seema Tapakai’, comes yet an alternate non-stop entertaining treat with a story that is been drained dry through the years.

Vishnu plays Sulaiman otherwise known as Krishna Shastry, who’s the gushing child of Basha and Rajeswari. The marriage in the middle of Basha and Rajeswari cleared approach to competition between the two families and it proceeds till Sulaiman chooses to take control of the circumstances.

Sliced to next scene, we have Vishnu playing Krishna Shastry, who with his new picked character goes into the place of his uncle Narsimha Naidu. As Krishna Shastry, Vishnu ought to charm his uncle’s little girl, played by Hansika, to wed her and rejoin the families.

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