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HTC RE Camera review: a fun personal shooter with room to grow


Enjoyable to utilize, motivates innovativeness

Little, lightweight structure variable

Incredible for utilizing one-gave


Can utilize it without your telephone around


Cam quality is alright, yet not better than generally leaders

Somewhat pricey

No HDR, blaze, viewfinder or manual controls

ios application offers not very impressive client experience

So-so battery life

Wide-point shots can look odd


The RE is a fun individual cam that is not difficult to use for travel, shows, the shoreline and different occasions. Yet its cam is simply normal for $200, and you’ll be compelled to pick between the accommodation of the RE and the picture nature of your current cell phone.


Cautioning: If you purchase the RE, you will much of the time be asked, “Is that a cam?” Roaming the lobby at Engadget Expand, holding up in line at Six Flags, strolling down city roads, going to social occasions and, well, all around, I was approached by individuals excited to see why I was indicating an upside-down asthma inhaler at things. Its tube-like configuration makes it simple to hold and a moment icebreaker.

Regardless of the extent to which I like to jab fun at its looks (periscope? A bit of PVC funnel?), HTC had the right thought here: A cam like this must be little, lightweight and simple to hold. It can’t be inconvenient. It needs to be something you need to utilize frequently and offer with others. HTC’s answer is a L-formed trinket that weighs 66.5 grams (2.35 ounces) and measures 96.7mm long and 26.5mm in width. It’s short enough that it gets darkened in my right hand as I hold it, however long enough that I never feel like its going to slip beyond my control.

The RE, which comes in white, orange, blue and blue-green, has a straightforward outline with only two catches. The shade catch sits close to the corner of the gadget, which feels like a characteristic fit when I place my thumb there. Pressing this catch takes a picture, while holding it down for two seconds prompts the gadget to begin recording feature (there’s a LED light to demonstrate when the screen goes off or when you’re recording). The second catch, spotted on the posterior, is a flip permitting you to change to abate mo feature catch. More distant down, there’s an unseen hold sensor that should locate when you’re clutching the RE so it doesn’t previews coincidentally. Then, an alternate LED shows battery status, and there’s a speaker close to the base, which radiates shade sounds and different signs. At last, the immeasurably critical receiver sits along the top side.

The busiest piece of the RE is the base side. This is the place you’ll discover a 1/4-inch tripod attachment for extra extras, a standard micro-USB charging port and a 8gb microsd card (you can supplant it with one as huge as 128gb). The cam is fueled by a 820mah battery and accompanies a waterproof rating of Ip57, which guarantees that your gadget will be protected in a meter of water for up to 30 minutes. HTC will offer a security pack (sold independently) that builds the rating to Ip58 and keeps the RE sheltered in three meters of water for 120 minutes. An organization representative likewise affirmed that the RE can deal with presentation to sand and seawater, however you ought to still be watchful, as its not indestructible.

The RE likewise has a gyrator that can discover when the gadget is upside down, so it’ll naturally flip the ensuing pictures so they’re confronting right side up. Obviously, you can likewise turn off that setting in the event that you really need to catch footage thusly.

A lot of embellishments flourish for the RE. Notwithstanding the previously stated security pack, HTC offers bicycle mounts, suction mugs, outside battery packs and a pyramid-like charging stand.


(Picture credit: Daniel Bader)

HTC has of late been attempting to grow its brand past fittings, thus its dealing with making cross-stage administrations, in the same way as the Zoe application, that work on both Android (4.3+) and ios (7+) gadgets. The RE is the same: It’s not limited to HTC-made gadgets, so the length of you’re utilizing either Android or ios, you’ll have the capacity to buy the cam and download the buddy application.

On account of the RE, the product isn’t completely vital, in essence. The cam’s fit for putting away photographs and features by regional standards on a microsd card, so you could actually utilize it while never interfacing it to a cell phone – simply plug the gadget or the card into your machine and exchange the records specifically.

On the other hand, neglecting the cell phone application implies you’ll be passing up a great opportunity for a couple of key peculiarities, in the same way as a continuous viewfinder, remote screen scratch and time-slip feature, and in addition the capacity to overhaul the cam’s firmware effectively (there’s an approach to sideload the document onto the SD card, however its more entangled). The last choice is ostensibly the most discriminating, particularly as HTC takes off bug fixes, execution changes and new peculiarities over the gadget’s lifetime. So while its actually conceivable to utilize the RE as an issue cam, I’d prompt against it. Indeed in this way, its great to know you can bring the RE with you anyplace and not need to dependably be fastened to your telephone in the meantime.

The UI is about the same on both the Android and ios renditions. After you interface the gadget, which includes blending utilizing Bluetooth Low Energy, you’ll be exhibited with a viewfinder and three remote screen alternatives: stills, features and time-slip. This makes it much simpler to edge the sort of shot you need, on the off chance that you would prefer not to do the point-and-beg approach.

Close to the top, you can get to the cam move, which comprises of every last one of pictures right now put away on the microsd card. You can back every one of them up to your telephone (each time you go into the application and join the RE) or pick and pick particular ones, contingent upon the amount of space you have; there’s additionally the alternative to transfer the majority of your stuff to Dropbox or Google Drive whenever you’re joined with a Wifi system.

There are a lot of different amenities in the settings menu. Here you can flip vast edge mode, change cam determination, diminish or turn off the shutt

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