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Josh telugu movie- Naga Chaitanya Akkineni, Karthika, JD Chakravarty

Josh telugu movie
Satya (Naga Chaitanya) is an understudy who stops his school in Vizag and comes to Hyderabad to stay with his uncle (Sunil). He watches that a little time government official called (JD Chakri) controls two understudy posses in a school to serve his diversions. Satya joins the same school and tries to unite understudies and change them. Whatever is left of the story is about why he ceased his studies in Vizag and joined school in Hyderabad.

Specialists Performance

joshnaga Chaitanya: It’s a huge test to do a character that is underplayed for a debutant like Naga Chaitanya. Furthermore Naga Chaitanya breezes through it soundly. He is amazingly great in passionate scenes. Also he is a decent performing artist in the matter of scenes that oblige theatricality. On the other hand, he looked minimal bashful in sentimental scenes with courageous woman. He needs to be more easy when all is said in done scenes. His voice is great. With better adjustment he can convey any sort of Telugu dialogs productively. What’s more he has got the same beguiling eyes and screen vicinity like Nagarjuna. In the event that he gets the right scripts with adept business components, he will turn into an enormous star in the days to come. ANR and Nagarjuna are known for having colossal female after and Naga Chaitanya inherits that legacy now right with his first motion picture.

joshothers: Karthika is sufficient in the acting office. Notwithstanding, she didn’t suit the character. This sort character is perfectly customized for performers like Genelia/Asin who have huge insidious screen vicinity. Naming done by Savita Reddy suited the character, yet didn’t match with the performing artist (Karthika). Prakash Raj has a generally little part, yet has a key part to play in the film and he is to a great degree successful as the primary who accumulates change saint’s standpoint. It’s a slumber stroll for JD Chakri to assume this part and he is greatly cool. Brahmanandam diverts in a constrained part. The fellow who did the part of an understudy pioneer Guna is skilled. Sreya D suited the part well. Two charming children who take after the champion have performed well. Sunil gives some entertainment. Surya, Hema and Sitara are sufficient. All the new cast in the motion picture could ready to bring freshness.

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