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Motorola: MOTOROKR S9 review


Full, definite sound with great mid-bass reaction. Lightweight. More agreeable to wear than valid in-ear outlines. Packaged ipod connector is thin and includes additional quality.


Excessively splendid treble. Coarse volume conformity. Coasting headband outline can act as a burden.

End result

Motorola’s decently composed and reasonable S9-HD might at long last give stereo Bluetooth headsets a decent name—actually regarding sound quality.


Stereo Bluetooth headsets summon blended feelings among tech aficionados. Given how effortlessly lines tangle up, pretty much anybody with a compact Mp3 player or cell music application would slaughter for a decent sounding set of remote earbuds. Then again, the expression “great sounding set of remote earbuds” is restricting toward oneself. Whether its because of inalienable deformities or to the transfer speed limits of the Bluetooth convention (particularly the SDC codec), most stereo Bluetooth headsets essentially don’t sound all that extraordinary. Enter the Motorola Motorokr S9-HD, a model that about takes care of the sound quality issue. Nor, at $129.99 (immediate), does it cost a fortune. It accompanies an ipod connector and is even agreeable and genuinely subtle. This Bluetooth headset isn’t impeccable, however for some audience members it could be a robust bargain, and it acquires its spot as one of the 10 best Bluetooth headsets we’ve tried.

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The 1.1-ounce S9-HD measures 5.0 by 5.1 by 1.9 inches (HWD). The unbending plastic band sits just behind the once more of your neck, while adaptable, textured dark plastic arms on either side hold the earbuds. Consolidated with the delicate elastic earbud covers, the S9-HD is sufficiently agreeable to wear throughout the day. In the container, you get an additional set of spreads, a delicate fabric convey case, and the thin Motorola D650 connector, which lets ipod holders utilize the S9-HD (since Apple players fail to offer an inherent Bluetooth radio). I tried the S9-HD with a Blackberry Curve 8330 and a second-era ipod nano, which lined up consummately with the connector; it wasn’t cumbersome in any way.

On the left-hand side of the headset are the Play and Track Skip catches. The right-hand side, then, offers volume controls and a multifunction catch for overseeing voice calls. The focal point piece of the band contains a secured smaller than usual USB charging port, an elastic force catch, and a LED that flashes in diverse shades, contingent upon the unit’s present status.

The headset isn’t a valid in-ear outline. This makes it more agreeable to wear, however it likewise lets more sound in from the outside—for the most part a good thing, for wellbeing reasons, with regards to strolling or running outside. At the same time its not as alluring in uproarious situations, as on the tram or a plane. Indeed thus, the climate and sweat-safe S9-HD squares more sound than, say, the stock earbuds that accompany ipods.

With a mixed bag of Mp3 and AAC tracks played from the ipod, the S9-HD sounded clear and charming, with good mid-bass kick, a proclaimed stereo picture, and a splendid general timbre. (In case you’re acquainted with the mainstream Sony MDR-V6 or the MDR-7506 shut ear earphones, envision the sound of those, yet with less bass.) That’s an unmistakable difference from the warm-however muted sound of the stereo Bluetooth Cardo S-2 set I’ve utilized as a part of late phone surveys. Then again, profoundly layered tracks from The Killers showed a lot of upper midrange vicinity on the S9-Hds for my loving. My ears developed tired of the splendid sound after around 30 minutes.

Music with a gentler treble fared much better. On the Buena Vista Social Club “Chan,” the brushes on the catch drum were obviously perceptible and off to the back and marginally to the right of the stereo picture. This was great, however a piece of it was because of the skewed recurrence reaction bend, which accumulated out specific instruments the mix. Generally speaking, the S9-HD is a critical venture up in sound quality from the packaged wired earbuds that accompany most gadgets nowadays.

At the point when combined with a Blackberry Curve 8330, the results weren’t as great. Remarkably, I could hear low-level buzzing sounds over the stringed instruments in Coldplay’s “Viva la Vida” that weren’t there when associated with the ipod through the D650 connector. The Curve 8330 backings Bluetooth 2.0 and A2dp stereo Bluetooth sound, which ought to be sufficient for good sound; the oddities might essentially be an impediment of the SBC codec. On the in addition to side, option rock and electronic tracks sounded better, much in the wake of listening for a few hours—the deformity isn’t as perceptible in busier tracks. Still, in case you’re relying on an audiophile-evaluation experience, you’ll have better comes about with the S9-HD and an ipod, or with one of the heap boutique wired sets out there.

I likewise made voice brings in without hands mode, however the S9-HD doesn’t sparkle in this limit. Guests’ voices were excessively uproarious, actually when I brought down the volume the distance. Since the mic doesn’t hang down close to the mouth, the way it does with most mono Bluetooth headsets, everybody I talked with could tell I was on a headset by the huge room resound around my voice. There were likewise infrequent sound dropouts despite the fact that I kept my handset close-by at all times. Still, the S9-HD works fine for short or noncritical calls, and is agreeable and easy to work with its not difficult to-discover control catches as an afterthought. In a nonstop blend of music and voice calls, the S9-HD battery kept going 4 hours 55 minutes, which misses the mark concerning the organization’s cases of 6 hours of music or 7 hours of talk time.

A couple of different idiosyncrasies: The SRS WOW HD setting extends the soundstage and steps up the S9-HD’s atmosphere recovery, yet at the cost of clarity and bass snugness. In the wake of exploring different avenues regarding it on a group of tracks, I turned it off for the rest of the audit. I likewise found that when listening to my 2g ipod nano utilizing the included D650

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